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What are the requirements for foreigners to enter Vietnam?
Effective May 15th, Vietnam has removed the entry requirements, including quarantine and testing before and after arrival. 
Travel insurance is not mandatory for entry to Vietnam, but it is highly recommended for your own safety and peace of mind. Travel insurance can help you cover various travel-related expenses, such as emergency medical treatment, delays, lost or damaged baggage, or trip cancellation.
Currently, the requirement to enter Vietnam for travelers is to obtain a visa. Some countries do not require a visa for Vietnam, so please check with your embassy if a visa is required for your country. 
Is there a mandatory quarantine when I enter Vietnam?
Since March 15, inbound travelers are no longer required to undergo quarantine. 
While there are no quarantine requirements, they are required to monitor their own health during the first 10 days of their trip. If they present any COVID-19 symptoms, they must notify local authorities in Vietnam. 
Do I need insurance for Vietnam?
Travelers are required to have travel insurance that provides coverage for Covid-19 treatment at least 10,000 USD.
Luma Vietnam Pass provides suitable coverage and benefits to not only enter Vietnam without issue but also to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. 
Do I need a visa for Vietnam?
Passport holders of the following countries are eligible for visa exemption and stay in Vietnam for the indicated number of days.
Asia: Brunei, Myanmar (14 days), Japan, South Korea (15 days), The Philippines (21 days), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand (30 days).
Europe (15 days): Belarus, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and The United Kingdom. 
Vietnam has resumed operations for the E-visa website, where passport holders of 80 countries can apply for a tourist E-visa. There are 80 countries that can use the E-visa, which can be valid for up to 30 days with a single entry. E-visa application takes about 3 working days to process, at the cost of 25 USD. The code will be sent to the personal email to print.
Access the designated web portal for E-Visa for detailed information about how to apply.
Please make sure to contact the embassy in your area to confirm your visa requirements.
What should I do when I arrive at the airport in Vietnam?
– Khau trang (face mask)
– Khu khuan (disinfection)
– Khoang Cach (distancing)
– Khong tu tap (no gatherings)
– Khai bao y te (health declarations)
Make sure to keep monitoring your health and notify the health authority if you present any symptoms.
What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 in Vietnam?
See guidelines from our Covid-19 Guide for Vietnam
If you are going on a longer trip and not only to Vietnam, you definitely need to have insurance in the following destinations.

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Full list of countries covered:

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, East Timor, India, Nepal*, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Maldives, South Korea

What happens if I’ve tested positive for Covid-19 in Vietnam?
If you’ve tested positive for Covid-19 in Vietnam, or present any symptoms such as fever, cough, and breathing difficulty, please contact the Ministry of Health hotline immediately at 1900 3228. The officials will give you instructions on whether to arrange a quarantine unit or hospital for treatment.
Costs related to Covid-19 medical treatment in public hospitals are covered for Vietnamese nationals only. Foreigners have to pay for themselves or have health insurance with Covid-19 coverage. 
If I am infected/admitted with Covid-19 what happens to my family/roommate?
Anyone with who you were in contact needs to undergo quarantine. Please take the test and report to the Ministry of Health, and they will provide instructions on the next step.
What are the current restrictions on travel to/from and within Vietnam?
Are ex-pats accepted by government hospitals for test and treatment for Covid-19?
Does the government pay for medical expenses in Vietnam?
Expatriates are accepted by government hospitals but they would need to pay for their treatment themselves? 
If a patient has to be admitted to a private hospital for Covid-19 treatment, will the government pay for medical expenses?
The government will not cover medical expenses related to Covid-19 at a private hospital.
Here’s a list of top hospitals in Vietnam.
Is there a phone number for an emergency that I can call?
Hotline: 1900 9095 or 1900 3228
Call the hotline if you show any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed.

What is Onward Ticket? Do i need one?

Onward ticket is basically a flight reservation from legit travel agencies that helps you with visa applications or simply entering a country without needing a high-priced return ticket.

Again, many countries require a valid visa and proof that you are leaving again the country within a certain time frame. So, while you already solved the visa issue, it can happen that you cannot board a flight simply because you cannot show a flight leaving the country.

An onward ticket can be the following:

  • A return flight ticket
  • An airline itinerary
  • A flight reservation towards any other destination

onward ticket
This policy is being implemented in more and more countries today to prevent people from entering the country on a tourist visa and never leaving. This is proof to make sure you will not exceed your stay more than you are allowed to and you don’t plan on settling in the country or finding a job there.

This includes visa-free countries, visa on arrival, and those countries that require you to obtain a visa beforehand.  It can be requested by airlines at the check-in counter or for visa applications.

Just like in Vietnam and Indonesia, an onward ticket is needed before you’re allowed to board the plane.

Furthermore, it also comes with a valid PNR number under your name which can be checked by immigration at the airport or on the airline’s website.

Then what is is a website made of digital nomads that helps you to take control of your travel plans and makes travel flexible for you. enables you to travel with ease, providing what you need right away.



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