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Weather in Vietnam - What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Weather in Vietnam - When to travel to Vietnam?

The weather in Vietnam and the tourist season in Southeast Asia have one major peak, and that is at the turn of the year. That's when conditions are excellent for most holiday activities, plus more and more people are attracted to spend Christmas or New Year's Eve in the warmth. Those who decide to visit the country will find that Vietnam is far from just a market town.
So when to travel to Vietnam?
It depends on what type of holiday you prefer. The most common reasons to go to this region are relaxing on the white beaches, water sports, diving, and sightseeing. All this can also be combined together and enriched with the most interesting cultural events. December and January are best suited for this mix.
When to travel to Vietnam considering the weather? The period from December to March has two main advantages over other times of the year for your holiday in Vietnam. It's still quite dry there, plus the temperatures stay in the high, yet bearable, range. April is still quite dry, however, the Celsius degrees are already slowly creeping up towards the 40s. We do not recommend traveling to Vietnam in September when the monsoon peaks and rainfall reaches its highest levels of the year.

Weather in Vietnam - When to travel to Vietnam?

Weather in Vietnam - When to travel to VietnamWeather in Vietnam
When to lounge on the beach or when to travel to Vietnam to relax?
It's probably hard to enjoy relaxing on the beach when it's raining, so December to April seems to be the best time. February is the best month in this respect, when it hardly rains in Vietnam, according to long-term averages. It can be generalized that the closer the month of February is to February, the more suitable it is for relaxing on the beach in the thirteenth most populous country in the world.
So those who don't know when to travel to Vietnam and want to enjoy the most popular resorts like Phan Thiet on the south coast of Nha Trang and Hoi An on the east of the capital Hanoi should go in winter. Here they can celebrate the end of the year and enjoy good weather and a rich cultural program. Recently, the island of Con Dao is also become popular for holidays in Vietnam.
When to visit the sights in Vietnam?
Those who want to enjoy the natural sights should travel just after the monsoon, when nature is green and waterfalls are spouting water like crazy, in November and December. For architectural gems such as the pagoda in Hue, the Cu Chi tunnels near Saigon, or the remains of old buildings in Hanoi, go in the low season, when prices drop and we don't necessarily need the best climate.
When to travel to festivals and when to experience the holiday celebrations in Vietnam?
The Vietnamese have five main national holidays, namely New Year (January 1), Lunar New Year (four days in late January/early February), Victory Day (April 30), Labour Day (May 1), and National Day (September 2). These are mostly accompanied by state-organized parades and celebrations, but you'll get a better sense of Vietnam's soul at festivals dedicated to celebrating the important dates of the lunar calendar, which carries a lot of weight in this part of the world. For example, the Full Moon Festivals in Hoi An, which take place every 14th day of the lunar month. During these festivals, motorized traffic comes to a complete halt in the popular resort.



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