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What is the LUX program from VIETNAM CK

What does luxury travel mean to us?

The words "luxury travel" may bring to mind lavish suites, private jets, and fine restaurants, but at VIETNAM CK, "luxury" has a much deeper meaning. For our guests, it means the freedom to delve into their personal passions and interests, to open doors that are closed to most people, and to enjoy the ultimate personal experience that goes deep beneath the surface of a destination. Luxury travel with VIETNAM CK transcends the normal boundaries of comfort and elegance, it is a journey of discovery not only of places but of oneself. It's an opportunity to explore Vietnam's hidden treasures, meet the locals and experience their customs and traditions first-hand, sample authentic cuisine at the best local restaurants, or participate in private ceremonies that are otherwise inaccessible.
Luxury travel with us is also synonymous with sustainability and responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that our trips have a positive impact on local communities and the environment. This includes supporting small businesses, protecting natural resources, and respecting local culture and heritage. With VIETNAM CK, you will not only get an unforgettable experience but also the assurance that your trip is contributing to a better future for the places you visit.
What is the LUX program from VIETNAM CK
What is the LUX program from VIETNAM CK

What is LUX...

LUX, a specialized division of VIETNAM CK, is synonymous with the highest standard of travel. Our mission is not only to meet, but above all to exceed the expectations of our clients who seek exclusivity and flexibility in their travel plans. With the means to do anything and go anywhere, our clients can count on us to prepare trips that are not only flawless but also full of personal experiences and discoveries.

Curated journeys are created with attention to detail, personalization and originality. Each itinerary is carefully crafted to reflect the client's individual interests and desires, whether it be private tours of historic sites, gourmet experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants, or relaxation at the finest wellness resorts. Our destination experts are true connoisseurs who have access to places and experiences that remain beyond the reach of conventional tourist travel.

The benefits of the LUX programme include:

  • A personal approach: each client is unique to us and each trip is tailored to their needs.
    Exclusive access.
  • Highest comfort: We provide accommodation in the most luxurious hotels and transportation in first-class vehicles, including private jets and yachts.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: We strive to ensure that our trips are environmentally friendly and support local communities.

With LUX by VIETNAM CK, every trip becomes an unforgettable story that is written to your specifications.

Professional services

Professional services

The LUX program is like a palette from which every traveler can choose the colors for their travel canvas. Each journey is a carefully composed set of moments that are not only surprising and delightful, but also fully tailored to the exacting expectations of our clients. Unlimited personalization options mean we can offer anything from private encounters with notable personalities to exclusive access to the world's hidden treasures. When creating unique tailor-made journeys, we focus on ensuring that every detail reflects the traveler's personal style and wishes. Whether it's the choice of luxury accommodations, dining experiences, or adventure activities.

Understanding passions

Understanding passions

The LUX programme is synonymous with exclusivity and personalisation that goes beyond the usual standards. With over a decade of history in the luxury hospitality industry, LUX brings not only a wealth of experience but also a deep understanding of each guest's individual desires and preferences. Our services are tailored to reflect the personal style and desires of our clients, whether it is a gourmet experience with a renowned chef or an exclusive visit to venues otherwise inaccessible to the public.

We continually strive to exceed our guests' expectations by offering them options that are as unique as they are.

Exceeds expectations

Exceeds expectations
At LUX, we appreciate every detail, because that's where half the fun lies. Our mission goes beyond ordinary service - we want our guests to feel not only satisfied, but truly special. We strive not only to respond to their wishes, but also to anticipate and surprise them. For us, every moment is an opportunity to make guests feel valued and remembered, whether through our service, facilities or personal touch. Our pursuit of excellence is endless because we know that our guests' true joy and satisfaction come from the attention to detail that makes every stay with us an unforgettable experience.


Luxury travel in Vietnam is synonymous with exclusive experiences that combine comfort and elegance with unforgettable adventures. Imagine exploring Ha Long Bay aboard a luxury yacht, relaxing in private villas on Phu Quoc Island, or discovering historic Hanoi with a personal guide.
How much does a trip to Vietnam cost


Luxury travel in Cambodia combines comfort and elegance with historical and cultural richness. Guests can expect to stay at five-star resorts such as Anantara Angkor Resort or Amansara, which offer exclusive service and privacy.
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Designed to inspire you

Each journey is carefully designed to explore the deepest passions and desires of our guests. From special interests ranging from ornithology and gemology to foodies and couples seeking the ultimate romantic experience, our dedicated advisors strive to inspire you with the best one-of-a-kind options.

Every moment is a masterpiece

Each of our journeys is a collection of moments that have been created and chosen to surprise and delight the discerning traveller. The possibilities are endless. Here's just a taste of the extraordinary experiences we can add when putting together unique, tailor-made journeys.
Unlimited personalization options mean we can include everything you can imagine in your trip. Want to enjoy a private concert in an ancient amphitheatre? Or how about a meditation session with a Zen master in the serenity of a mountain monastery? The possibilities are truly endless. And this is just the beginning.

Vietnam and Cambodia in style

Vietnam and Cambodia in style
This journey is highlighted by unique experiences designed to deepen your understanding of the vibrant culture of Vietnam and Cambodia. Here are some of the most interesting experiences.

Myanmar - an in-depth look into local culture

Myanmar - an in-depth look into local culture
Luxury travel in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a real treat. It is a combination of comfort, elegance, and authentic knowledge.

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