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Vietnam and Cambodia in style: A journey along the coast and historical sites

A journey of discovery full of luxury

The new "Vietnam and Cambodia in Style" tour immerses you in the vibrant cultures, ancient wonders, and breathtaking landscapes that characterise these countries.

The 19-day journey begins in northern Vietnam, where you'll travel through coastal gems to bustling Ho Chi Minh City before flying to Cambodia for a week of temples, culture, and beaches. Each day is laced with luxurious touches and authentic experiences.

Along with a distinctive travel style, the journey is enhanced by knowledgeable local guides, luxury vehicles, and carefully selected accommodations.

VIETNAM CK's travel curators are designed to serve as an inspirational starting point and can customize details to match guests' personal interests and needs.

The inspiration for this trip was the desire to highlight the best experiences and luxury hotels that make the North-South journey combined with Cambodia so unique and special. The resulting itinerary perfectly combines cultural exploration, relaxation, and slow travel into indulgence.

Selected and proven experiences

This journey is highlighted by unique experiences designed to deepen your understanding of the vibrant culture of Vietnam and Cambodia. Here are some of the most interesting experiences:

  • Hoi An with a sightseeing expert: learn fascinating details about the city's history, its heritage and preservation efforts.
  • Culinary Discovery with a Local Chef: Go on an unforgettable cooking and dining experience with Chef Duc and gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and cuisine.
  • Saigon on the historic Vespa: See Saigon from a different perspective and experience local life along the way.
  • Connect with the community: In Siem Reap, immerse yourself in local life, meet the community and see artisans at work.

Cambodian culinary magic: Enjoy sumptuous dinners prepared by the country's best chefs and a magical candlelit dinner amidst the rice paddies.

"Vietage delivers a slow travel experience with an emphasis on style and comfort while enjoying the idyllic scenery of South and Central Vietnam."

The Vietage train: a luxurious, scenic journey by rail.

The highlight of the Vietnam part of the trip is the ride on the luxury Vietage train. The six-hour journey leads from Danang (near Hoi An) to the coastal town of Quy Nhon.

The train serves gourmet meals and complimentary drinks. The carriage has six private cabins with a total capacity of 12 passengers per journey, ensuring attentive yet discreet service for each guest.

The journey passes through lush countryside, small villages, and a beautiful coastline. Vietage offers slow travel in style and comfort while observing the rural life, and scenery of southern and central Vietnam - a desirable alternative to flights.
Cesta vlakem ve Vietnamu

"People tend to think that Cambodia has a limited choice of accommodation. But this is not the case, the country is developing and offers many unique properties."

Ubytovani Kambodza

Hospitable hotels

During your 19-day trip, you can enjoy a stay in a range of remarkable hotels, carefully selected to reflect the character and atmosphere of each place you visit. These hotels are not just a place to relax, they become a key part of your travel experience. From picturesque heritage towns where history intertwines with every step, to bustling cities full of life, to tranquil beaches where you can listen to the sound of the sea, each hotel brings its own unique story.

In Hoi An and Quy Nhon, you'll be greeted by Anantara hotels, renowned for their excellent service and unique aesthetic that perfectly blends Eastern traditions with modern Western design. In Saigon, the vibrant commercial heart of Vietnam, stay at the Hotel des Arts, where modern elegance blends with the richness of local culture.

In Cambodia, then, two very different experiences await. In the south of the country, indulge in the luxury of the private island resort Six Senses Krabey, a hidden paradise for those seeking tranquillity and a connection with nature. In Siem Reap, the Phum Baitang resort will enchant you, allowing you to immerse yourself in the richness of Cambodian culture and history. Each of these hotels has been carefully selected to not only provide comfort and relaxation, but also to allow you to deepen your travel experience and create memories you'll want to share with others.

At the last stop, in Phnom Penh, you will stay at the historic Raffles le Royal Hotel, which is full of the charm of yesteryear.

"People usually think that Cambodia has a limited choice of accommodation. But this is not the case, the country is developing and offers many unique accommodations, a few of which we highlight on this trip.

About LUX.

LUX is a specialized division of VIETNAM CK, which aims to exceed the expectations of high-end travelers who have the means to do anything, anywhere. LUX organizes the flawless, curated trips that these travelers dream of, but that only true destination experts can provide.

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